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How to make 200, 000 in a month by rearing pig

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Pig belongs to family bovidae, pig also a ruminant animal and to did everything in dirty place.

You will look for one place in your area, either large or small, and build it ip you, you can use blocks or tree to build it up.

To reare

You must have the minimum of 5, 000 or 10, 000 to buy small pig and started rearing, you can purchase 1 small pig at the rate of 5, 000 if you need two small pig , and then , buy at the rate of 10, 000

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You will specialized them , and then you can feed them with pkc twice in a day , morning and night.

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When to earn money on it.

After one year your pig will give birth to 15 or 20 or more at once.

After three years, you can sold your pig n bulk. You can sold one pig at the rate of 100, 000 or more , the size will determine your income in a month .

Look at the picture bellow. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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