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Nigeria vs Ghana. Nigeria says he won't tolerate killings of Nigerians in Ghana!

KINGSCAN 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The house of representative said it will not tolerate further attacks on Nigeria and its citizens in Ghana.

The house committee on foreign affairs handed down the warning today at a meeting its the foreign affairs minister Godfrey onyema.

The minister says the Ghanian government has apologized for the infringement but he insist Nigeria's demand is for the Ghanaian government to rebuild the demolished structures.

Speaker, house of representive Femi Gbajabiamila state the Nigerian government was attacked by the demolition and there should be an end to the perennial problem between Nigeria and Ghana.

The property in question that was demolished by the Ghanian government was located in Accra,no.4 Barnes road according to the Nigerian foreign affairs ministry.

The foreign affairs in Nigeria are still waiting for the ghanians government adherence towards the demolition of the buildings owned by Nigerian citizens in Ghana..

This incident is likely to raise speculation of diplomatic tensions between the two west African countries..

Ghanians and Nigerians have common boundaries, they do exchange of commodities ,buying and selling activities, schooling activities etc..

I can't see a reason for ghanaians government acts in such a manner....

Nigerians do not discriminate,so other countries shouldn't discriminate us to...

The Bible also speaks against discrimination...

Ghanians official look at the present matter to avoid creating havoc between Nigeria and Ghana...

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Top Comments
PabloVulindlela · 06/25/2020
Nigerians are bullies. Well done Ghana
UchennaFrancis · 06/27/2020
by demolition or due process u need education.
GUEST_MB2dqe8Lv · 06/25/2020
Ghana should rebuild e demolished structures owned by Nigerian citizens!! Is that a fact? Oye Foreign Affairs Minister, in a press briefing, says your High Commission failed to get documentation on e property, for many, many years, which means, be property never belonged to them. Also, it was a lease. A lease us not a freehold property!! Hong Kong was leased by e Chinese to Britain for 99 years. When e lease expired in 1996 or so, Hong Kong reverted to e Chinese, e original owners. But, if your High Commission failed to do e needful, then e lease if e property is not even legal. The OSU Stool, e original owners had e right to take back their property, using good procedure.

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