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Hushpuppi's arrest: Scammers deceive youths by saying their wealth is from God - Morayo

Akinjoe234 06/26/2020

A popular show on TVC has shown how youths are being easily carried away by wealth that this scammers shows off.

The show which features Morayo Brown and Mariam Longe spoke on how youths are being easily deceived this days by thinking God is blessing their hustle when they scam people.

They made it clear on the show that you can't be scamming people and be claiming that God is blessing you. Some of this scammers even go to the extent of quoting the Quran and also the Bible to support what they are doing.

They further said that the pastors we have this days are not helping in the matter. These scammers would come to your church and give testimonies, yet you won't quarry them and ask where the money is gotten.

They further rounded up by saying that ,parents has a lot of role to play on the youths and they need proper monitoring.

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Dfirstdominion1 · 06/26/2020
Thrash talk!

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