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School finally reopens for graduating students nationwide

Iconofchange 06/29/2020

Channels television news has reported that The Federal government has extended the ease of lockdown beginning from tomorrow Tuesday, June 30 to July 29.

Announcing this at the daily briefing of the Presidential Task Force on Corona virus, the National Coordinator said the extension of the eased lockdown however comes with some modifications which will favor some level of students. The presidential task force coordinator also mentioned that the ban on interstate travel will be lifted as from July 1st. He said interstate travel must only be done outside the national curfew hours which is between 10pm and 4am. He said anyone without a facemask will not be allowed into any motor park and that commercial buses will only be allowed to operate on 50% capacity. For interstate travels, movement across state borders will be allowed only outside curfew times effective from the of July" he said

With regards to Education, the coordinator said schools will reopen nationwide only for graduating classes which are Primary Six, JS3, and SS3. He added that all primary and daycare centers remain closed until further evaluation. Secondary and Tertiary Schools to remain closed.

He however mentioned there will be safe reopening of airports for domestic flights as soon as practicable. Although He said nothing about the robot Manning of airport checks. According to him, the Aviation industry is allowed to resume domestic operations as soon as practicable in line with existing International and local guidelines on Corona virus" View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Source: opera.com
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GUEST_7A9eg2Y1D · 06/30/2020
oga. buhari graduate. from. universities. like. ( noun ) should. also. be. given. their certificate. to. them. pls. we. are. done. with. all. necessary. clearance. from. the. institution. ,. we. should. follow. suit
StellaKimberly · 06/30/2020
so only pri6,js3,and ss3 are graduating students Abi so tertiary education no follow Abi it is well make una continue Buh I know say I go still graduate Dis yr sha by God's grace
EmekaEmmanuel_33 · 06/29/2020
thank God for this.

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