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Must Tinubu Have His Way All The Time, Is the Boycott of APC's NEC Meeting Necessary?

GlobalBreakingNews 06/25/2020

This is the first time Buhari had differed with Tinubu/Adams political decisions. Perhaps the first time he has boldly and strategically stepped in in APC internal skirmishes.

Must Tinubu have his way all the time? Boycotting NEC meeting was basically unnecessary. Based on his position as the National Leader of the APC.

Since 2015, political events showed that Tinubu single handedly requested and chose for himself office of the Vice president, Speaker, and other sensitive positions.

Presently, Buhari has honored over 80 percent of Tinubu's political choices. Whether it be in the military or appointment in MDAs.

But for Buhari's indifference with Tinubu for successor of National Chairman to succeed Adams Oshiomhole. Such decision should be the least for Tinubu who had enjoyed robust attention from Buhari. To now disregard Buhari's back NEC to be chaired by Chief Victor Giadom is most unfortunate. 

For the fact, Buhari was silent and could not act when Comrade Aliyu Adams Oshiomhole operated the party structure at the whims and caprices of the Ahmed Bola Tinubu bloc. It does not imply Buhari as weak. Perhaps a political strategy to allow party internal machinery to find political equilibrium.  

Politically we cant forget so soon, the case of Ambode, the case of Amosun Ibekunle, the case of Rochas Owelle, the case of Zamfara, and the case of Rivers State. Basically, the will of Adams Oshiomhole and Tinubu reigned supreme. These individual have fought back e.g. Anayo Rochas, Senator Amosun, Rt Hon Chibuike Ameachi, Governor Obaseki etc.

But, Tinubu should blame Adams Oshiomhole's political trajectory for allowing himself to be drunk with power. The process which began the travail that led to Buhari's political decision.

It is high time the party took the decision such as taken by Buhari. Albeit in tandem with the court rulings to assume his role as the Leader of APC. A position Buhari had left for while.

In conclusion, Tinubu should reconsider his boycott decision and respect Mr President decision for ones.

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Top Comments
AdesanmiIdowu · 06/26/2020
honestly Buhari has done well, I do know Tinubu being an acrobatic politician he will talk sense to aggrieve NWC and agreed with Buhari,however in this case am of the opinion the President didn't wrong even protected the interest of Tinubu/Oshomole ,what else do they want?
GUEST_vDnjkDOVG · 06/26/2020
Was Tinubu invited to the meeting? Do you attend a meeting to which you are not invited.?

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