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Let me share this beautiful story that explains the Nigeria situation perfectly

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Let me share this beautiful story that explains the Nigeria situation perfectly.

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A man was travelling through a muddy road when his car got suddenly trapped in the pool of mud. He tried very hard to move but his car failed to come out of it.

Suddenly, he saw a villager coming toward him in his bullock cart. Once the bullock cart came near, he requested him to pull his car out of the mud. A deal of Rs 100 was negotiated between them for the work and the villager pulled the car using his bullocks. The man felt greatly relieved and paid him the money.

He then asked the villager, “There may be so many cars that would be getting trapped in this mud.”

Villager: “True sir. You are the seventh person since morning whose car got trapped in this mud.”

Man: “Oh my God! Did you have to pull all of them.”

Villager: “Yes Sir.”

Man: “You must be busy full day pulling the cars from the mud having no time to do your own work.”

Villager: “Very True Sir. I have to do all my work at night only.”

Man: “Oh I see! By the way, what work you do in the night.”

Villager: “I just ensure that this mud is never dry.”

Look at Nigeria, look at it carefully from every side, are we lacking in manpower or the resources to develop this country? Nigeria is complete because all that is required to make this country great is readily available but they won't let it.

There are people; the ones we celebrate, the ones we respect, some of us even consider them mentors and political godfathers, the reason they are considered rich is simply because of the present state of the country. Boko haram is using the finest of weapons to fight the Nigeria military, same thing with the now inoperational Bandits. How where they able to acquire such weapons.

How about the hundreds of people working for the dozens of NGOs at the IDP camps, do you think they would ever wish for those programs to end? What job will be left for them to fall back on when things completely settle down?

Are NGOs bad? No, but the likelihood of people turning such developments to a life-long business in Nigeria is quite alarming and should be observed from the start. There are so many people, both locally and internationally, working terribly hard to keep Nigeria exactly as it is or worse, to ensure that the mud is never dry.

Until Nigerians unite to fight such people, those who rule the country from the comfort of their homes, generations to come will keep inheriting the so-called sleeping giant, but then, when you fight corruption, corruption fights back.

Source: opera.com
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