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This Is What Must Be Done In Various Classrooms And How It Must Look Like Before School Will Resume

Diceemedia 06/25/2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the world really had a negative effect in the whole world. Some of which is the immediate closure of all primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. It also stopped major economic activities and events like, sports, shows and live concerts. For close to three to four months now schools across all states in Nigeria have been closed. All academic activities suspended and students were asked to return home to avoid the excessive spread of the virus. But recently the federal government has decided that in no distant time all academic activities will be reopened if only schools agree to follow the lay down rules and regulations and also follow the guidelines for schools reopening after covid 19 pandemic closure.

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The federal ministry of Education has proposed that schools must create isolation spaces before reopening. There must be social distancing in seat arrangements to avoid body contacts and also all the schools fully equipped with clinics. They have also been mandated to “establish a referral system, including protocols and procedures to take if learners, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel become unwell while in schools”.

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All these are contained in the ‘Guidelines for schools and learning facilities reopening after COVID-19 pandemic closure’, submitted to the National Assembly on Tuesday. The guidelines also requires school proprietors to construct and build more structures and also employ more teachers to ensure that they accommodate their students and also keep to the two square meter spacing in classrooms.

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Schools are also asked to provide constant water, soap, hand sanitizers, provide adequate materials for learning and also pay salaries on time. With all these things in place and the rules followed schools can be allowed to reopen and continue their academic activities.

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