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6 Things That Are Still Keeping You Single As A Lady

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Listed below are some characters that keep a lot of ladies and men single for so many years. I hope that as you read them, you'll be able to pay attention and restrict from doing them. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1. You are not attractive: The first thing that attracts you to someone is your appearance. Change your wardrobe and start dressing more classy and responsible. As a woman, stop wearing dresses that are too baggy. Put on dresses that fits you perfectly and show off your body curves. Wear some makeup. Hit the gym and lose that belly/body fat. Stop having this mentality "Na fat I fat, I no kill person", it is very wrong. You are getting too fat and nobody will be attracted to you like that. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying being fat is wrong, the wrong thing is taking it to another level; eating too much, lack of exercise and so many others.

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2. Pride: If you are the type that is always proud and full of yourself, your chances of not getting a life partner is very high. A relationship is not something that can be built with pride, due to the fact that there are ups and downs. For instance, in most relationships, when partners quarrel, the girl might not want to text the guy unless he texts or call her first. Probably, if the guy refuses to beg her, they will eventually break up. Also, if you are too proud to shot your shoot for the person you like, you might lose that person.

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3. You are too choosy: This implies a lot to ladies. Imagine a 30 years old lady is still complain of her suitors height, size, facial looks, etc. Sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart but you are 30 and not 18, before you know it, you'll clock 40. As days go by, you're getting older and guys do not like old firewood. The men are in greater advantage here due to the fact that they can get married at any age. Take a look at old Ned Nwoko who go married to Regina Daniels. My dear ladies, pick one of your suitors and get married already, time is not waiting for you.

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4. Bad character: People tend to leave you if your attitude is disgusting. I mean, if you are arrogant, a gossip, talkative, cheater, thief and so many others, your chance of getting a life partner is very low. Occasionally, some ladies with bad character attract men that still value and tolerate them. But this rarely happens because we have a lot of problems in Nigeria, no man will like to marry a second problem. So try to adjust certain bad behaviors that you have.

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5. You are lazy: No man or woman wants to date or marry a liability. You don't have a job, you keep begging from one place to another or looking for who to scam on social media and you expect a rich man or woman to date you. My dear, stop that stupidity and get a job, learn a trade or handwork that keep food on your table. Stop depending on people because that is the first thing that will chase them away from you. Don't you think that the people you are begging have their own problems too? Laziness, not only in the aspect of getting a job, but also in household chores. If you fall into these category, please change. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

6. You are not prayerful: Put God first! In your journey of getting a life partner, pray to God too. It is a very bad feeling when all your friends are taken and you are still single. Draw closer to God, lock yourself indoors and fast and pray for God to send you your future husband or wife. You can also meet counselors for counseling and pastors to advice or pray for you. I assure you that when you do this, God will surely remember you. 

In conclusion, these are very essential factors that prevent alot of people from getting married or dating for the rest of their lives. Put in memory, all these, I inspire you now to change and your marriage or relationship is assured before 2020 ends. 

Thank you so much for reading. If you find this article helpful, do well to share to your friends and loved ones. Remember that sharing is caring.

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