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Mother Gets Angry At Her Daughter Because She Got Pregnant For A Jobless Guy.(FICTION)

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Mercy has been having a serious relationship with Jake even when her mom discourage the relationship. Mercy's mom told her daughter that she can stand watching her daughter going down the wrong path by having a relationship that will yield no positive result.

However, Mercy makes it clear to her mom that she love Jake and he love her too. Her mom got annoyed and warn her that if she don't break up her relationship with Jake then she should consider herself no longer her daughter.

Mercy pretended to adhere to her mom instructions but goes around to see her lover whenever her mom is not around. One day mercy's mom got home back from work and saw her daughter vomiting and feeling all sick and tired. She asked her what is wrong, but mercy answered that she was alright.

Her mom suspected that she may be pregnant and insisted that they must go to the hospital the next morning.

When they went to the hospital and tests were carried out on Mercy, it was discovered that she was pregnant. Her mom got disappointed, that after all she did to man sure mercy had a good future, even ending her relationship with jake, she still got pregnant.

She then asked her daughter who was responsible for the pregnancy and she said it is Jake. Mercy mom got furious that her daughter lie to her and went behind her back having a relationship with that jobless Jake.

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She then called Jake to come to her home. When jake arrived and saw that his girlfriend is pregnant and that her mom has find out. He didn't know what to do. Mercy's mom then said that because her daughter disobeyed her, she is no longer her daughter from this moment. She said that Jake can have her and take her as his wife for all she cares.

She sent mercy parking into the hands of Jake who can afford 3 square meal daily. This will be a difficult time for mercy as her mom promise not to be of financial assistance to her and her boyfriend.

Do you think mercy's mom made the right decision by disowning her daughter and sending her to a life of hardship and struggle.

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