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The Big Problem of Nigerians Towards The N50bn Covid-19 Loan.

Writershub3760 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The CB of the country has allocated N50bn worth of cash in order to give Covid19 loans to marketers and business personnel to boost their businesses or to some less privileged to start some small business for a living. It is so unbecoming how some youths would wish to have access to that loan, not to do the business actually but to profusely spend and squander that money in an inappropriate manner.

They want to collect the money and buy iPhones, Cars, launch new girlfriends, marry new wives and in the end - label PMB as a failure. Now I understand his intentions for referring to us as "Lazy". You can't collect this money (in the name of starting or boosting a business) and end up buying stuff with it, hence expecting God not to judge you. Think about it bro. We are the problem. ~ Abdullahi Comassie.

This loan has been approved by the CBN purposely to help those business men, that experience setback in their business and those that want to start up a business, for the better development of Nigeria but we Nigerians are going to use it otherwise and tomorrow, we will start accusing government.

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Top Comments
KingsleyUwaezuoke · 06/25/2020
pls are you speaking for everybody or what ?
Axty · 06/25/2020
everyone has it's aim please just approve and disburse this money you still know how to get everyone to pay back
+234-811157**** · 06/25/2020
my point, my BVN shows clearly that I run a business but why are they not alerting me??? water business in Makurdi I need this to stabilize especially during heat season
TorAndrew · 06/25/2020
so that means you people are not going to credit those that the loan has approved and they have sent their details, so why are asking people to apply more for it

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