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Miracles from heaven, Living Faith Church announced the healing of 114 COVID-19 patients

Shekeys 06/29/2020

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Miracles and healing are two things largely associated with Christians around the world. It's is a privilege believed to be enjoyed by those who trust in God for help in time of affliction.

In recent reports, the Founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, during a sermon said that 114 COVID-19 patients had received their healing in the church.

He also expressed his displeasure over the partial reopening of markets while church were still closed, pointing out that no one had received the miracle of healing in the market but healing took place in the church.

Testimonies of healing from deadly diseases of all sorts have been witnessed in churches and other worship centres. It is also believed that when testimonies are shared in these centres with brethren, God will do even more for the testifier.

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Bishop Oyedepo said, “Can anybody silence the church? Never! I have never heard of anybody that God healed in the market but people get healed in every church day and night, real tangible healing".

Orders from the Government have kept Churches closed for a couple of months now, in order to keep the spread of the virus contained.

However, many have disagreed with the order, pointing out that the church is actually the solution to fighting the virus, as efforts to find a 100 percent cure is yet to surface.

The Living Faith Church founder is not the only spiritual leader to disagree with churches being closed down, Founder of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakilome, had earlier hit back on the government of Akwa Ibom for closing a branch of his church in the State.

Although churches have reopened in some places like Cross River, where the state government is directly handling the situation and issuing guidelines, it remains unknown when churches can fully reopen around the country.

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