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Does Bobrisky Have a Girlfriend?

realomokaro 06/24/2020

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Nigeria controversial male barbie, Bobrisky whose real name is Idris Okuneye has once again proved that she can play both male and female role and of cause that is who she is anyway. You can recall, during his father's birthday she decided to dress like a male to his father's house which is so unusual of her and that has caused so many people questioned her real personality and gender. Though she is tagged as a transgender, actually the very first to come out in a country which has banned LGBT with an imprisonment punishment, but she happen to be doing well for herself especially as a social media celebrity.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

But the question is; does Bobrisky have a girlfriend? Well this has been bothering my mind and maybe some other person's too. Or is she playing the public or she is in for money, power and connections? I might be right on this or probably wrong, but the reason why this came to my mind was the fact that she is a cross dresser, and dressing to her father's birthday as a male and holding his clothe all through might just suggest she has lot of things to hide. Probably she has no real breast or hips as it has been shown on her instagram page more often or probably I'm just wrong.

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The photo above shows that she is more male than female without makeup and hair and that has sparked me up differently. Now, let look at some facts about some of the actions and acts carried out by her in public with her very own bestie and her she has defended her so many times when people call out Bobrisky or when she is being dragged out publicly. It's no other person than our own very Celebrity actress Tonto Dikeh.

Recall Bobrisky once revealed that she is a very stubborn person and that her bestie, who is no other than our screen diva, Tonto Dikeh is already tired of her because of that. This has caused me to question their friendship a little further than before. Could it be that both are having a relationship or it's just a mere friendship? 

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Here is a photo of our popular actress, Tonto Dikeh kissing Bobrisky publicly in an event and while she responded subtly to the kiss. They are always seen hanging out publicly and privately, and having some sort of close intimacy which shows signs of sexual closeness than normal, maybe this could be a sign that, they both have a sort of sexual relationship or it just a public show of love towards each other and a sign of great bond of their friendship which they taught they should express publicly.

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Well, I just thought I share this and also hear your opinion about this as well. Feel free to share your opinions at the comment section and share for more opinions and comment as well.

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RitaIbehkalam · 07/1/2020
That bobrisky is insane
vajadin · 06/25/2020
Hmmm it is something wonderful oo
vajadin · 06/25/2020
lol this is really kinda of funny but has facts. cool
RuthAdedoyin · 07/2/2020
hmm naa them no

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