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Is Body Positivity Movement an Excuse for BBWs not to Lose Weight

Justlikevic 06/25/2020

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Body shaming big or fat women is rampant in our society. A lot of women are being insulted and degraded simply because of their size. In fact, I have witnessed several times where people body shame BBWs without any content to their statements, but they just do it to humiliate these women.

To say the truth, plus size women are beautiful and lovely. These women are kind and have the ability to make any man feel loved. So, if anyone is trying to make them feel less, it is a wicked act on their side.

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Many fat women have now formed different groups which preach body positivity. One of the main aim of this movement is to make every big girl grow confidence, embrace their bodies and believe in their thickness. But a lot of people have argued that the positivity movement which was engineered by plus size women is not helping them. According to some people, women who are big are susceptible to some health challenges and they need to engage in exercises in order to reduce in weight, but these body positivity movement are not preaching such to their members. 

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I think I agree with what some people said concerning body positivity movement, because exercising regularly would help shape and keep these BBWs in good health. The movement shouldn't be all about self love and acceptance of one's body, but taking into consideration the health challenges and need to engage in regular exercises and work towards reducing excessive weights.

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+234-803152**** · 06/26/2020
big problem
AthumanFyeku · 07/21/2020
how do you do my dear love.
GUEST_jpDlPgYD6 · 07/19/2020
bondnote · 07/16/2020
loose weight for who they look good

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