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Meet Nigerian man living in the coldest village on Earth

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A Nigerian man identified as Mark Babatunde is that the only man of Nigerian nationality living within the coldest village on Earth and he has shared his chilling experience after spending four years in Russian village called Yakutia.

Mark Babatunde who is now enjoying his life in Yakutia, which he now calls home, shared his experience online, calling his blog: “The Northest African within the World.”

According to RT, Mark met a Yakutian girl, Natalia, when he studied in China and decided to perform a northward journey together with her .

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Mark confessed to journalists that he was shocked when he arrived.

“The cold was the worst thing. I wasn’t wont to living just like the people do here,” he said.

The average winter temperatures in Yakutia stand at minus 35 Celsius, while the winter lasts for an entire nine months.

Mark adapted fast and he has three kids with Natalia and employment as an educator of Chinese and English at a faculty in village of Oi.

His pupils absolutely adore him, saying that Babatunde is “a great teacher and person.”

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
enttebe · 06/27/2020
babatunde because of woman u run leave Amala and ewedu abi😁
UlomaUzosikeOkey · 06/27/2020
thanks to God,he is not an ibo man I was almost crying.
Theaz · 06/27/2020
3 kids in 4 years... not bad at all. Love will never show you a bad turn. He has a legitimate job too. Thanks for representing us well.
BEKIND · 06/27/2020
Stop lies, My 2 Igbo friends are in Alaska.

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