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How to write a very good essay

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Essay writing

When writing a very good essay, you need to follow these steps/stages.

Planning and writing an essay

Read the question or essay tittle careful to make sure you understand exactly what is required. Brainstorming : Quickly note down some ideas on the topic as you think of them. Then write down some vocabulary that you know you will need to write about this subject. Planning : If you are asked to discuss a topic or give your opinion it is important to organise your thoughts and present your arguments clearly in paragraphs, and to work out the structure of your essay before you start to write.

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Essay plan: You can plan your essay writing in four paragraphs using the following formats. Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic. Paragraph 2: Give points of view and information, in support of the argument with reasons. Paragraph 3: Giving contrasting views Paragraph 4: Conclude. (Give your own opinion or interpretation of the facts.)

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Useful links and markers

Introducing a point : Nowadays many people order food online rather than cooking at home. There are two main reasons for this, firstly... Describing consequences: As a result, levels of fitness are declining. Consequently, obesity and high cholesterol levels are becoming increasingly widespread.

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Giving more information

In addition. Increasing amount of oily, spicy and unhygienic fast food is being consumed. Furthermore/Moreover, people spend a great deal of time surfing the Internet or watching TV. Finally/Lastly, parents are less likely to teach their children how to cook and benefits of home made food.

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Introducing a contrasting point

When introducing a contrasting points words like however, in contrast, on the other hand, while or whereas are used to start the paragraph. Let's look at some examples here: However, some schools are trying to encourage healthier eating habits. In contrast, other countries have introduces compulsory cooking lessons. On the other hand, certain recipes are experiencing increased popularity. While/ whereas, the government wants to tackle the issue, advertisers continue to target young people.

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Words like in conclusion or to sum it up or to conclude are used. Examples here : In Conclusion/To sum it up, it is the responsibility, not of the government, but of the individuals to change their lifestyle... To conclude, rather than relying on online food delivery, people and especially parents should cook at home to reap the health benefits...

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