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Opinion: Without The Whites Africa Will Still Be Backward (We Need To Stop Blaming Religion And Race)

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Opinion: Without The Whites, Africa Will Still Be Backward (Why Wee Need To Stop Blaming Religion And Race) View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

You see, we have blamed religion for the problems of humanity for so long we have forgotten to put the wickedness in the hearts of men into consideration. Without religion and belief, men will rise against men and nations will rise against nations. We can't help that. Ask yourselves, why do children who have no religion nor belief fight amongst each other for the slightest of things. Why was Eve inclined to rebel against God by listening to the devil, why did the devil himself rebel against God? Believe it or not, in our realm and in the realm away from here. In the quietest locations and locations with the highest rate of crime, there is something called rebellion.

If we say men fight because of differences in belief, what should we say about the early life of Christians? 1000 years ago, the regions of the west had one religion, there was no difference in belief. Yet there were a series of wars.

People have blamed religion for so long that they have nothing else to blame. Sit a terrorist down and speak to them, you will see that their reason to fight is more personal than it is about religion.

Africa was 700 years backward as of 200 years ago. This should be what we address. We cannot continue to blame religion and race for our problem. We have been aware of what we perceive to be our problem for what? 40years yet what has changed? Nothing. You know why? That is not our problem. Our problem is deep-rooted and blaming religion won't solve it! Africans naturally hate do not fancy development until it is forced upon them.

I recall the story I was told, not long ago and this happened just 10years ago. A certain community here rejected a master plan because they think it will displace their gods. Until the government took over that community by force, the chiefs disagreed. Now tell me, is that Christianity.

When we were serving gods we did it in such a way that it blocked our sight, when Christianity also came, we are doing the same. It is not a religion, it is us. Honestly, I don't fancy blaming the past for the future. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Now let me address the fact that the whites brought religion into Africa:

Just a few hundred years ago, Africans pay homage to seas and rivers. Before they drink from something that was created to serve them, they take sacrifice to it. So many barbaric acts that killed out people. Now I am not saying the whites didn't harm us, of course, they did and there is no justification for their actions but if we judge the food that benefits us by its source, we may never eat again.

You say Christianity is a way to control the masses, what then should we call Islam?

You see, I laugh when Africans say they would have been better without the whites and I remind them that just a 100years ago, we rarely had clothes on. When other parts of the world had developed and built great cities. Out need to blame someone, blame something is our problem and we still continue to this even now.

When the whites came here, they took the idols we worship and kept them in a museum. They didn't let a trinket determine their existence, instead, they saw it as what it is, art!

To this date, Africa rarely has a booming tech industry even with so many innovations in the world and the increasing number of brilliant minds that Africa creates. We still cannot boast of booming tech industry. We don't have a self-sufficient technological and innovations. We keep blaming religion for our problems, we keep saying the whites slowed us down yet, we are have not made significant progress since we have been set free. Our problem is mental slavery Nd it affects our ability to innovate. An average African wants to work for a large tech industry rather than create his own. The government would rather bank on tech industries outside the country rather than help startups. You see our problem is beyond religion or the slavery of that started 400 years ago.

Where have our old traditions gotten us? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This question is really an important one, of you say our world was a better place before Christianity, you are saying our old and barbaric ideas have helped us. However, I must bring it to your notice that there was a time in West Africa when people killed twins when they sacrificed their girl child when they killed men and banished them into evil forests. There was a time when we make sacrifices to rivers we should drink from and from trees we should build with. It's no wonder that Africa rarely had a story building at a time in the world when skyscrapers where already up and coming.

As of two hundred years ago, Africa was backward with about 700 years. When the world had planned cities, and outfits that covered their skin we were still walking naked. There is no justification for slavery but to say that Africa was doing fine compared to the world then is something I think should be considered a strange way of speaking.

Okay, the whites came in and brought religion to enslave us right? Did they force it on anyone? I don't recall anyone being killed by missionaries for not accepting Jesus!

Let us forget the path of salvation came to us from and focus on salvation. For even Jesus had to die for us to get it.

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SomtoBrian · 07/12/2020
Nyc 👏
Eddy_Yahwin · 06/28/2020
You have a very big point, but many will not agree. You see, that's why I followed you in the first place. I knew you have a sound mind man. Thanks

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