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Fiction: My Second Ugly Encounter With Gays

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Fiction: My Second Ugly Encounter With Gays

Another episode happened as I went yet another party in outskirts of Bologna about 25 miles on a Sunday evening. I was returning to Bologna with my FIAT Ritmo when it suddenly packed up on the middle of the road.

I was begging for a ride and none stopped for me. Then came this black Audi 80 that pulled at my legs well tinted and asked if I needed a lift as I echoed, he helped and ushered me into the front passenger's seat.

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Barely 15minutes into the driving he started talking romantically. Initially I thought he was referring to black prostitutes that were the topic around in Italy then, as the conversation ensued, I discovered that he was focusing on me. He even asked if we can go to his house or hotel.

I used my Nigerianese on him because if I said no! He would've dropped me in the middle of the highway that evening. I told him I had the keys to our house and my roommate was outside waiting for me and that he should first take me to my house to open doors for my roommate and then we can go wherever he wants us to go and have the best fun.

He was so excited and telling me how he have heard how Africans have big ones down there as he can't wait to see and enjoy it.

The gay drove me to my house and I asked him to park well and wait for me to climb up and open the door for my neighbor.

It was a condo appartment with multiple door bells and mine was at 4th floor. I went into the elevator and never came out again.

Only God knows how long the he waited before he finally left.

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guddiesmuzyks · 07/20/2020
you are the number one gay

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