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Fifteen Type of Troublesome Student You will Find In Your Department

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 1*THE Pastors*: These sets of students are always "spiritual" thus looking @ every other student in the class like sinners. Any small issue, they would start quoting bible!

2. *THE GURUS*: These one's are the first class students always reading at the slightest opportunity. At times,they make you look very unserious. They hardly joke/play in the class. Always reading!

3. *THE SLEEPING MACHINES* : I have two of them in my department. Chaiii, they can sleep for Africa! Morning,afternoon or evening lectures,they are always dozing or sleeping like tomorrow no dey.

4. *THE DECEIVERS*: I call them the deceivers Coz these sets of students are the most playful in class. Always too playful either lecture is on or not. The deceiving part of it is these people read like teracopy behind close doors,have good grades yet always too playful. Most times,they appear unserious but let result come out,you would be shocked to see them with the best grades. The foolish students joins them playing not knowing what He does behind close doors.

5. *THE I.T.Ks*: These people can be very annoying! Always wanting their own opinion/suggestion to supersede others. They think they are always right whenever issues arises.

6. *THE COOL DUDE/BAE*: These ones hardly talks in class. They just enter ,sit, write and leave the class. They only tend to talk with just two people in a class of 80.

7. *THE WAVES STUDENT*: You only see these ones whenever there's mid semestet, pratical & exam. Sometimes,you wonder if truly they are students or ikwo workers.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 8. *THE CAUSE TROUBLE*: At any slight opportunity, they don cause trouble. Fight with this, fight with that.

9. *THE SLAY QUEEN'S AND KINGS*: These ones take selfie in class as if there father is the owner of Funai.. Whether lecture is on or not, there hand is always up like dead cockroach taking selfi.

10. *THE OLODOs*: These ones no sabi anything! They can even tell you to spell their name for them or remind them their matric number. Sitting with such people during exams can be frustrating. They beg you to spell for them even after telling them answers!

11. *THE BACK SITTERS*: No matter the circumstances,these ones will always sit at the back. Some even have permanent sit they assigned to themselves. Its not asif they are dull, they are just addicted to back seats...

12. *THE FUNNY BONES*: A day without them in class, is always boring. They can make joke out of anything! Even lecturers are aware of their humorous attitudes. No matter how the whole class is serious or tensed up,they would always make you laugh.

13. *LATE COMERS*: Morning,afternoon or evening,they are always late to lectures so much that lecturers know them as serial late comers.

14. *TALKATIVES*: Football,fashion,politics,celebrities,movies,lecturers, would always have something to talk about. They hardly keep quiet. They can talk from now till rapture comes.

15. *THE WOMANIZERS*: These one's would wear their Christmas clothes to class, licking there lips and drawing the ladies attention like HB pencil.

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07084917**** · 06/27/2020
some people of these types in my department are the ones I steer clear of

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