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No One Has Done It In The Past 7 Years, See The New Record Anthony Martial Set At Manchester United.

SportsUpdate247 06/24/2020

Football is back and everyone is enjoying it as the most watched and enjoyed league football in the world also returned to action.

Manchester United returned to Old Trafford in style after an Anthony Martial hat-trick helped the Red Devils beat Sheffield United 3-0 on Wednesday. The Anthony Martial goals vs Sheffield United meant that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's unbeaten run across all competitions continues, with the streak stretching to 13 games. The 3-0 win over Sheffield United courtesy of an Anthony Martial hat-trick reduces the deficit between Chelsea.

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Since April 22 2013, no Manchester United player has ever scored a hat trick in the premier league and fans and the whole football world began to say it's a curse left at Manchester United by Van Persie.

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Van Persie was the last man who scored a hat trick for Manchester United in 2013 to seal their 30tg league title and final season for Sir Alex Ferguson retirement.

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Martial became the first player to break the curse and set a new record at Manchester United since after the football world returned to action after nearly 3 months without football.

Manchester United fans are hoping to see more of goals in every of their match ahead as it may be of great help to them just incase they are level on point with Chelsea.

Manchester United are now left with just 2 points against their bitter rival, Chelsea who will play Manchester City tomorrow.

What are your thoughts about this ?. Do you think Chelsea will drop a point for Manchester United to give them more opportunity to qualify for the UEFA champions league ?. Kindly leave your comments on the comment section below on your thoughts about this.

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JohnBamish · 06/25/2020
sorry who has score hat trick since the premiership resume in this corona virus by force holiday ?

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