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True life story of a mad couple who were married for 22 years with 3 children.

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True Story Of Mad Couple who were Married For 22 Years and had 3 children.

A man, whose name is Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi, has has made known how he was captivated by the love story of a mentally disturbed couple who were togther for twenty two years with three children.


Samade graduated from the University of nsukka, Nigeria he was a very talented man who was loved by all the villagers and friends around him for his ways. When he sings his voice is like that of an angel no one could ignore the sweet melody from his voice his dancing steps and melodious voice cannot be ignored by. He sings and dances without instruments of music those who hears him and watched him prayed he was not mad for the joy and happiness he gave to them.

His love life and wedding to Cynthia, another mad woman in the villagewas envied by other couples. The has both lived in a well self built container under the popular bridge at Orile junction for 22 years. There were several times the villagers saw the arguing but no knew how to interfere yet they settled their differences.

Unfortunately both the husband and the wife do not speak the same language. While the husband was from my village, the wife hails from the Eastern part of the country. They lived together for 22 years without a no form of separation.

How they consented to live as couple and had 3 children still poses as riddle to many, they lived under the same roof ate, sleep, drink had no source of income, the only way they survived was through begging yet without counselors they were able to have a successful marriage for 22 years.

Both couples were the Romeo and Juliet of their village. They were mad but proud of each other and their affair. Most times they were Sen kissing, caressing and having several romantic moments.

They shared almost everything in common. If they were not mad, they would have won the best couple of the year’s award.

The moral lesson in Samade and Cynthia’s romantic story is this; “If the mad can sustain a happy and romantic relationship, the sane should be able to do better”. Unfortunately, most mentally stable couples can't even stay together for 5years with divorce or separation yet they have access to the good things of life.

The story of this mad couples must be an inspiration to all, if they can do it you can do it, give no rooms to divorce.

Unfortunately, the husband on 24th July 20… and also died too on 3rd September of the same year of depression and loneliness. Their children were adopted by 3 different families whose lives were inspired by the romantic life of the mad couple.

They were insane together

They stayed together

They died together

Source: opera.com
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