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Second Lockdown Looms: List Of 22 States That May Go For Second Total Lockdown From Next Month July

Emmaco2021 06/25/2020

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It's well known that some months ago the Federal government had declared lockdown and interstate ban on citizens in order to ease the spread of Covid-19. Honesty, all citizens have waited patiently on the government to rule out the interstate ban. However, it is good to hear that the ban has been finally ruled out.

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President Muhammadu Buhari who is the commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, made a broadcast on the democracy day approving the ease of lock down. Before then, president Muhammad Buhari in conjunction with the federal government has vested powers on the state governments to decide when to lift lockdown in their various states. For instance, restrictions on churches and mosques have been lifted by the federal government yet some states like Lagos didn't agree to the decision of federal government due to the persistence increase in the number of affected persons in their state.

looking at the persistence increase in number of affected covid-19 persons, there are possibilities for second total lockdown in Nigeria from next month July 2020.

Just yesterday, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, reported 649 new cases of covid-19 in Nigeria, bringing the country's total to 22,020.

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Lagos state was the state with the highest number of confirmed cases with 250 yesterday, bringing the State's total to 9,323.

Lagos has been by far the hardest hit in Nigeria; the state accounts for over 42% of the total number of cases in the entire country.

The Federal Capital Territory is next on the list with a total of 1,622, while Kano State has amassed 1,191 cases.

Oyo is the last state to have crossed 1,000 cases, and sits fourth. Thanks to the reopening of schools and businesses, the state now has a total of 1,155 cases.

Rivers state rounds up the top 5 with 930 cases.

Kogi State has recorded the least number of infections out of all infected states with just three cases recorded since the outbreak began. Cross River state is the state to have not reported any case of covid-19 in Nigeria.

Looking at this, here are list of 22 states that may go for second total lockdown from next month being July 2020 due high increase in covid-19 cases in the state as at 24th June 2020.









Akwa Ibom-18















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Top Comments
DominionAdedayo · 06/25/2020
noting like Covid19 in Nigeria, it Covid419 for our leaders to make money for themselves.
JoanItiat · 06/25/2020
Why is it that every little lucrative opportunity to this government is always made to be everlasting bondage to the poor masses? Since they claim to have recorded over 22 thousand COVID -19 cases in Nigeria and they don't have corpses on the roads and streets or even at homes like Us, Italy, etc, why can't they allow Nigerians to manage their lives so with their God? Our God almighty is always our protector. Coronavirus is not meant for everybody, or every country to suffer long. This government should forget lock down, then lift ban on schools, Airlines and interstate transports for people to be released from the captivities.
+234-803388**** · 06/25/2020
Let's go on with the second total lockdown so far it involves every body including government officials. This time around,no exemption of anyone no matter who you are including doctors. This nonesense government should stop frightening the citizens with luckdown after all you have not achieved anything from the one earlier done. Government focused on the money they could make from citizens about the work involved. They will isolate people, no food, no medical care, no attention and finally the person will die and will be included in the numbers of cases and death and their money collected. My brother just died like that with out one medical attention, my name is very clear here, let they come and arrest me because I can never keep quiet in anything Nigeria or trust what ever any government is doing or saying, this is the country where lockdown is the only solution to coronavirus and other problems including hunger. Fools.
HunkydoryAmstrong · 06/26/2020
going for another lockdown is nonsense, bcs there's nothing like Corona virus in this country u ppl are just scarming the Nigerian citizen with fake news

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