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If You really Want To Be Among Successful Candidate Of N-power, Please Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Currentnews1092 06/29/2020

In this article, I want to highlight three mistakes that could lead to failure of being among N-power beneficiaries.

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I bring up this article to enlighten those who are eager to register for N-power program as an experienced beneficiary of N-power. Because majority the people who are registering for this program don't know that being among selected candidates is not major problem of N-power but the original problem is that when your monthly stipend is being pending.

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Your stipend might be pending while others will be receiving their own without complain. But to avoid this and other problems that might lead to failure of selected due to mistakes you have made during the registration.

Here are the three mistakes you must avoid to be among successful candidate and having peaceful periods of the program:

1. Make sure you confirm that your date of birth is correlate with the one you used to registered for BVN (Bank Verification Number) so that they will not think that you are fraudster.

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2. Make sure you confirm that name you used to register for N-power program is correlate with your BVN name. For example now, you registered N-power with "Ismail Abdurazaq Olawale" but in your BVN you registered with Ismail Rasaq Olawale. You can see that you have missed some letters and it may lead to unsuccessful for what you are processing.

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3. Don't try to register multiple accounts with aim that if one is not working, another one will work. Know that this is automatic failure for you.

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GUEST_nANYMELB3 · 07/1/2020
what if i have 3 names on my document but 2 names on my BVN and account name
IgbokweChioma · 06/30/2020
what if you write the amount u earn per month base on your snacks business..... ? is it bad?
It'zPhrinceAbdulYbs · 07/1/2020
thank you so much
AkanoFolashadeOyero · 06/30/2020

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