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The Corruption In Nigerian Politics As Governor Obaseki Win Edo PDP Primaries Unopposed.

Todaysport 06/26/2020

Governor Obaseki has won the Edo PDP Primaries unopposed, just three days after joining PDP.

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Edo state Governor Obaseki has emerged PDP candidate for the Edo state election coming up in September, 2020. Obaseki return unopposed after his only rival Ken Imasuagbon step down for him to become winner of the primaries.

It is reported that Ken Imasuagbon never had the intention of stepping down, but wanted to contest and win the primaries, then go further to become Edo state Governor which he always aspired for. The shocking news is that he stepped down some minutes before the party primaries start. The big question is, why did he put his dream of becoming Edo State Governor aside?. This act alone has brought many controversial statements, among Nigerian citizens. 

According to report, Engr. Gideon Ikhine another arch rival of Obaseki for the PDP ticket, step down earlier for the state Governor that was disqualified by the All Progressive Congress (APC) due to Irregularities concerning his credentials.

If truly Governor Obaseki has issues with his credentials, how did he get pass the screening performed by PDP to become the winner?, What did he put in the table for his rivals to step down just few minutes before the election?.

There is no transparency in Nigerian Politics. Fighting corruption is the quote of the day, ''building a better Nigeria'' is the common word for every politician.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Akaniyeneekereobong · 06/26/2020
Governor Obaseki never WON Edo PDP primary election, rather he BOUGHT Edo PDP primary election.
IbraheemAbubakar_03 · 06/27/2020
iyamu will be gov by God's gracelets wait and see the show sept is closer
AdeniranSolomonOluwadare_01 · 06/27/2020
you can play people you can't play God, obaseki, you goes nowhere because you play Almighty God, Ha! Ba!
OkonEffiongNsuk · 06/26/2020
Until you understand the meaning of politics you will continue to ask iralevant questions. The candidates who stepped out of the primary election understand and play according to the rules so please next time step out, contest at learn.

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