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Most dangerous places not to enter at night, if you live in Ghana.

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I have once again decided to do a proper research about the most dangerous places not to enter at night in Ghana. I understand that we value our safety so much, that's why I'm putting up this article to create awareness for the good people of Ghana and also for people traveling into the country every now and then.

Here is the breakdown;

The number one location is Circle Interchange; this is a highly populated area in Accra, Ghana due to the fact that a market and transportation hub is located here, therefore it attracts lots of criminals to the area. So you should be extremely careful when moving in this area, especially at night.

The number two location is Agbogbloshie: this is another market space that can also be dangerous sometimes. You'll need to hold onto your belongings because of petty thieves.

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The number three location is James Town; this area is a tourist area and it attracts lots of visitors across the globe, because of this, there are lots of scammers and pick pocketing in the area, so it's not safe to walk at night.

The number four location is Ashaiman; some residents in this area have reported several street robberies and car theft, so this area is considered unsafe.

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Are you living in Ghana? If yes, do you know any area that is dangerous to walk alone at night?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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Top Comments
+233-24329**** · 06/30/2020
kumasi ard asafo interchange, Morocco near kejetia ND asafo at the back of bb
ThomasAgyinab · 06/27/2020
not Accra alone
KwamraMeyenza · 06/28/2020
All these places you've mentioned ,is the government not aware ?
+233-27799**** · 06/28/2020
have you forgotten the Flagstaff house (JUBILEE HOUSE) ?

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