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Fiction: After 10years of relationship, he broke up with me and this happen to him

Emmaphem 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Men are wicked and they can do anything to get what they want. I started dating Jasmine in 2010, I met him at shopping mall in Ikeja, and one thing led to another, we started dating.

I loved Jasmine because of his meekness and respect for people, he could not hurt a fly not to talk of human being so I believed my relationship was safe. He had no job when I met him but I was working with one company in Allen avenue, earning more than 100k per month.

Since I trust Jasmine and I believe a friend in need is a friend indeed,I was the one paying his bills. To be honest Jasmine always showed appreciation for everything and this encourage me to do more for him.

I was unable to save money for more than five years because I was paying all his bills. I wasn't tired because I believed Jasmine has a bright future and we will live to enjoy together.

Fortunately, one of his brother callled him from Italy in 2018 and he told Jasmine if he could come over to work there. He was very happy and the brother was ready to pay more than half of all the expenses. I started looking for money and at the end of the day I helpedhim with 300k.

Jasmine moved to Italy and he started rejecting and ignoring my calls, I tried all efforts to get to him one-day and he told it is over between us, I wept bitterly,but I when I realized there's nothing I could do I moved on.

It was surprising when I heard he was deported 3 months after breaking up with me. It was unexpected when I saw Jasmine in my house one morning to beg me because they told him he has offended someone. I didn't answer him, but I don't know what to do!

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Zee20 · 06/25/2020
forgive, but curse him
GUEST_gJ7mNA5xX · 06/25/2020
u have to forgive no matter what..

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