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At least our bleaching is legal – Dencia throws hot shade at Hushpuppi

Kimlarry 06/26/2020

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Famous Skin Bleaching enthusiast and entrepreneur, Dencia, mocked Instagram's big guy, Ray Hushpuppi, after being arrested by the Dubai Police on her social media account.

Recall on June 8, 2020, just a day before he was arrested, Hushpuppi went to his social media page to condemn people who bleach their skin as he said they were not allowed to share or express support for the hashtag "Black Lives Matter"

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It seems that post irked Dencia and she has now had her moment of vengeance after details of the Instagram Celebrity’s arrest was made public yesterday by the Dubai Police.

Hushpuppi, according to Dencia, is a loud and old man who always acts childish by demeaning people who work legitimately hard for their money

She wrote the Instastory of her;

At least our bleaching is leagal, without fear of prosecution, we buy and sell the legal bleach.

He 'd been arrested the day after the message. Yup I saw bwoy sun at me. How can you be so rude, old and behaving immature and doing unlawful shit, but still talking nonsense, demeaning and humiliating hard-working people with their money you steal.

If you are going to be a criminal, be a smooth one at the same time , you can't be both smart and stupid. Niggas aren't smart on the street, they 're smart on social media.

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Source: opera.com
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