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31 Places In The World Where You Might Get Robbed

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Someone who makes blatant lies and misrepresentations is a con. People might get conned all over the world by these professional con artists, who basically don’t have a conscience. These people might come in different disguises, especially as good friends, they win your trust and then have you robbed of your valuable possessions.

They will first persuade you and generate the confidence, towards them before you can get conned or robbed by them. An excellent way of discerning whether or not, they are someone you can trust is from their good behavior. Men and women all over the world are part of this racket, who might have you conned and robbed anywhere maybe on the streets, in a bar, on a bus, in a bank, in a hotel, discotheque, restaurant. Many travel experts like Lonely Planet, Scambusters, CNN Travel, and even the US Embassy have got together, in preparing this list so that you remain safe and alert on your vacations.

We bring you the list of 31 places in the world, where you might get conned or robbed.

1. Barbados – Bahamas – Athens – Europe

You can get conned through a free massage, or you may get robbed by an attractive woman who will flirt with you and many times pickpocketers will come in the guise of helpful locals.

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2. Shanghai – Beijing – Xian – Rio De Janeiro

A broken camera excuse is very common worldwide and sometimes innocent girls will come on the pretense to learn English or with a sob story, or a man selling peanuts.

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3. Rome – Paris – Milan – Florence

Children are used for this con game, where they will come with a sob story or will pretend they are deaf, hassle you for money and pickpocket you.

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4. Europe & Worldwide

The common con that takes place will be in the form of a local helper guiding you with the streets and map of the city or maybe a beggar or a pregnant woman, who will try to guilt trip you, to hand over some cash.

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5. Europe – Barcelona – Madrid

Taxi drivers will take you to another hotel, by convincing you that your choice hotel is closed down, and someone pretending to be from the front desk and take all your credit card details or act as hotel room service cleaners.

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