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How to know if your child has started smoking


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The fear of every parent is seeing their children doing something bad or going astray, doing something different from what you thought them. As we all know parenting can be difficult and sometimes frustrating and confusing at times, but a good parent will endure and figure out solutions.

Today I'll be sharing some tips on how to know if your child is smoking. With these few hints below

1. Check their pockets for tobacco residue:

Yes when I was little my mom would tell me the kind of biscuit and candy I bought in school and I'll be like mom can read my mind wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Well the trick she used then was to check my pockets before washing my uniform and she use to see residue of things i bought or ate, sometimes things I picked from the ground that was how my mom discovered and stopped me from picking random things from the ground. This trick can also be used to know if your child is smoking or taking drugs.

2. Check the room, carpet and clothes for burnt.

Smokers sometimes mistakenly burn their clothes, am not talking about a big fire burn what am talking about is a sign that at least a fire touch on the surface. Because when a cigarette burn sometimes not only ashes falls but sometimes live fire also fall which may land on their shirts, floor mat, rug, carpet, bedsheet etc.

5. Check their lips color.

This is more effective if your son has a pink or at least a normal lips color. Then all of a sudden it becomes to get darker. That's a red flag my dear parent watch him closely.

6. Check if he always open his windows.

Well this one is tricky because it might just be a mere ventilation. But smoker loves ventilation due to the combustion going on from in their lungs, so they tend to open the window for more oxygen. And they might also love leaving the window open so that the smell of tobacco can subsidize. So when using this approach be careful not to accuse your child falsely. But you can use it with other methods.

7. Check the kind of friends he hangs out with

Well show me your friend and I might tell you who you are I said might because. I personally have friends that do things I don't do, but I can't neglect rhe fact that friends also influence people.

8. Check for character changes

As a parent you need to observe your children's character even if its just a minor thing. For example he always hugs you when ever he comes back home but now he avoids hug you. Well it might be adolescence but sometimes he doesn't want you to perceive the smell of tobacco etc.

Well its advisable to use more than 3 of these methods because one or two can not be a solid guarantee that you caught your son smoking. Except 1

Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ™

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