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Even With B.Sc, HND Or ND, See 5 Reasons Why Some Applicants Might Not Be Enrolled In Npower Batch C

CityPost 06/25/2020

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It is no longer news that the N-power Batch C enrolment has been announced and the date for the commencement of registration has been made known by the Coordinating ministry.

The Npower scheme, an initiative of the President Buhari led administration is channeled at reducing the unemployment, poverty and crime rate in the country through provision of Job to eligible youths in the country.

It is also designed to empower Nigerians who are idle by tapping into their gift to promote and impart the economy through means like skill acquisition, entrepreneurial development and self reliance.

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Last week the news about the kickoff of the Batch C Enrolment excited everyone and this had caused many to start preparing for the application requirements ahead of the schedule across the nation.

The Registration is set to commence tomorrow 26 June, 2020 as announced by the Ministry of humanitarian affairs, Disaster management and Social Development. However, looking at the requirement released by the Npower management, it is important to take note and avoid missing out on any of them.

The requirement as stated by the Npower scheme includes Certificates like Bchelors Degree, National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), NCE, Age of 18-35, Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Furthermore, documents such as NYSC discharge or exemption certificate, Birth Certificate, Local Government Identification Letter while other things are state of origin, Program you prefer, state of resident and lits more.

Now, it has been observed that some applicants are not taking cognisance of some vital Information as outlined in the requirement.

Even though such applicants have their B.Sc, HND, NCE or ND certificates, failure to provide some other requirements will make them not to be successfully enrolled in the batch C program in 2020.

The documents are

1. Local Government Certificate of origin.

The local Government certificate of origin is a certificate that shows that you are a Nigerian and you come from that local government area. Npower scheme which is built on equity, transparency and accountability will require the certificate to authenticate your claim of coming from such a local government.

When applications of applicants have been received then processing and verification of documents will start.

Also, the local government certificate of origin is used to calculate the quota to be deployed to local governments across the federal constituencies. Successful applicants are deployed for work in their respective LGA so that it will be east for them to go to work and return home.

If your local government identification letter is missing then automatically you might not be considered even if you satisfy all other requirements unless you get a valid one and upload.

2. NYSC Discharge Certificate

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Part the Npower scheme requirement is for applicants to upload their NYSC discharge or exemption certificate in their dashboard. As an HND or B.Sc graduate, if you are still undergoing your youth service and yet to get your certificate then you might not be considered at all.

To be enrolled, if you have a lesser certificate like ND and NCE then you can use it to apply for the scheme.

3. Choosing A Wrong Program

Npower is designed in a flexible way such that all categories of disciplines are included in the scheme. Many people have fall victim of choosing wrong programs because they did not really get hold of reliable and accurate information.

Read the instructions well and try to choose a category which nest fit into your area of discipline and strenght.

It is advisable that Health related course graduate should go for Nhealth, Agriculture related graduate should go for Nagro, Accounting, Banking and finance, statistics, Business Administration graduates should go for either Ntax or Nteach.

Also, Building Technology, Quantity survey, Civil Engineering, Estate Management Graduates can also go for Nbuild category.

Choose a better scheme and increase tour chances of getting picked and successfully enrolled into the Batch C program.

4. Wrong BVN

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In order to avoid disqualification, supply your own correct BVN account and if you have no bank account, hurry to any bank of your choice to open an account and obtain your BVN.

Let it be known that while filling the registration form, the Information you supply has to tally with the one on your BVN especially your date of birth.

However, there might be cases of married women changing their name so provision will be made for such in that category to supply necessary documents backing up their change of name.

Do not use your mum, sister, or fathers BVN because if you do, you will be disqualified.

5. Age Limit

The age limit set for the Npower scheme is between age 18-35years of age. Even though you are a graduate who have a valid proof of certificate or statement of result, If you are above this maximum age of 35 then you should not bother to apply as you will not be enrolled in the scheme for the batch B program.

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CityPost · 06/25/2020
this is good
EstherAugustahOsa's · 06/26/2020
pls I read microbiology which category will I apply is it nteach or nhealth?
GUEST_xalKMYW8N · 06/25/2020
MavInfoWorld · 06/25/2020
Thank you for this information. some people will make this mistake just like you have said...... Thanks for the swift update

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