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8 Reasons You Need to Start Your Own Business

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Great things Start Small. Go start something. This is a slogan for every potential and budding entrepreneur that want to start a business. These are questions that you might have thought within yourself when about to start your own business - Do you feel unchallenged and dissatisfied with work? Do you feel like you are tired of working from 8-5pm daily routine work and being paid a meagre salary at the end of the month? Are you feeling frustrated and being tossed around with working for someone? Do you feel it is high time you need to make an impact in your world?

Starting your own business might rock the boat a little and get you of the comfort of a stable income every month. But there is no better time for you to start your business than right now.

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There are no right or wrong reason I would tell you to go ahead to start your own business,But here are 8 Inspiring Reasons you need to start your own Business, let's dive in:-

1. You Want to Become Your own Boss:- Being the boss of your business means you make decisions on how best to operate your business daily. You decide when to work, how to work, and what to do. Ultimately you are the driver of the culture and brand of your business. Moreover you are not tossed or being controlled by any boss.

2. You Balance your Work and Personal Life:- Most Salary Earner will complain of a similar struggle, and that is funding to balance work at office and personal life. One of the biggest benefits of starting your own business is that you have more flexibility. You can choose the hour you work and the hours you don't. You van create time for your family and friends and have a more balanced and fulfilled life.

3. You can Earn More Income:- Starting your own business gives you a higher chance of earning more income based on your effort and successful business can bring you lots of money. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gate is worth $81 billion dollars. However this is not the case when working for someone where you are giving a salary structure.

4. You Choose the People you Work it:- Owning a business means you choose the people you work with. You can hire whoever you want, you can choose to surround yourself with like 5 minded people who understand your vision and exclude negative people from your space. This is something you cannot do working at a job.

5. You are an Employer of Labour:- One major economic issue in Nigeria is that of unemployment. Starting your own business means you can employ people to work for you and also giving them a means of livelihood and also positively addressing the issue of unemployment in Nigeria.

7. You can Grow and Challenge Yourself:- Starting your own business s handling massive amount of responsibility. But this is where the fun part is. You get to face, accept and conquer challenges as you run your business. You need to learn something new everyday, whether about sales or management or innovation. There are enough opportunities to grow and develop yourself.

6. You can Broaden your Industry:- One major driver of economies around the world is innovation through new technology. Starting your own business allows you to be innovative and solve new problems in your economy who knows. You business could be the solution to a lifelong problem in Nigeria.

8. You have knowledge of the Income and Expenditure of your business :- When you start your own business you are free to put an eye on the money coming into the business and money being spend out of the business. To determine whether you are making profit or you are running the business at a loss which is not so when working in a job for someone.

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