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Nigerian Footballer, Ahmed reportedly Kills Colleague during a match.

Ayobade16 06/29/2020

Nigeria Footballer, Ahmed got himself into trouble by hitting a Player with a magic ring.

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Have you ever heard a Player killing a Colleague in a Football Match?

This was exactly what happened in a match that was Played in Osun State.

It was reported that a man named Lateef Ahmed kills a colleague with Magic ring.

The Player Plays in Osun and reportely got himself in trouble by hitting Ishola with magic ring during a Football game.

The Match was reported to have happened in Iwo, Osun State Nigeria.

It was stirred up by an argument between the deceased and the suspect.

They were playing in a match where the two are playing in different team Playing against each other.

The match took Place at St.Mary's Grammer school in Iwo.

The reason for the argument is not known but an eye witness confirmed the deceased was hit with black magic.

What judgement do you think should be given to this man

Source: opera.com
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Mounteaagle · 06/29/2020
It is well, wonders shall never cease.
TayoAwosina · 06/30/2020
U r a stupid writer!

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