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Answering Prayer Or Hearing Prayer

Perchi 2d

"And Ephron answered Abraham, saying to him," [Genesis 23:14]

Ephron answered Abraham, instead of just hearing Abraham; and Ephron was saying something when he answered Abraham.

Just before he answered, Abraham had asked him to "Hear him" or "Listen to him." But Ephron chose to be answering and kept speaking. That conversation between Abraham and Ephron in the presence of the Hittites was almost like a debate or contest of "Hear me" or "Listen to me." When each of them said something to the other, he included "hear me" or "listen to me."

Each party wanted to be heard by the other, making each of them to keep answering after the other spoke, until the Bible said "Abraham listened to Ephron" and their "Talk-Show" ended because one of them (Abraham) listened to the other (Ephron), and paid both attention and money to him.

Know the difference between "hearing people's prayers" and "answering people's prayers."

Sometimes, it's not answers people are praying for, but praying for fair hearing (acceptance, approval or agreement). However, learn how to hear when you answer, and learn how to answer when you hear. A man who answers says something, & a man who hears also speaks something.

[Proverbs 21:28] — "A false witness shall perish: but the man that hears speaks constantly."

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