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6 Things Your Partner Will Only Say To You When They Are Having An Emotional Affair

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1. I'm just trying a new look

They don't need to sleep with someone else to be cheating on you. When they connect with someone outside of your relationship on a deep emotional level, and they have stopped connecting with you, there is a possibility that it may mean a lot more to them than they're letting on. And here's what they start saying more often when it's happening.

2. Sorry, I got distracted

You might be telling something important to your partner and then right in the middle of the conversation, you realize that your partner hasn't been listening to you the entire time. They no longer care about what's on your mind or want to know how your day went. Instead, they seem distracted and disinterested. This could indicate they feel connected with someone outside the relationship and the reason their attention seems a lot more divided than before.

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3. I would love to spend time with you, but I have this thing

They may not want to hurt you intentionally, but that's what they end up doing. When they say they miss spending time with you but immediately follow it up with a reason not to, it can feel like they're simply stringing you along instead of investing time into growing the relationship. Their schedule has drastically changed and you no longer have any space in it. And by not telling you what's going on, still believing that they're not hurting you, they're selfishly trying to make you fall for their explanations.

4. I don't want to talk about it

The close bond that kept you both together is slowly starting to come unloose. Neither does your partner share their thoughts with you, nor do they confide in you about anything that's bothering you. You might try to get them to open up again but they slowly shrivel up and close off. It is possible that their emotional needs are being met by someone else; the person they're having the emotional affair with might be the one who gets to see them excited or distressed or whatever else they may be feeling.

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5. Why can't you be more like........

You can instantly see that your partner's attitude towards you has been changing by the words they choose. Lately, if they have been talking about a friend or a colleague more than usual, their dynamics could be changing. If suddenly, you feel like you're competing with that person because your partner is always comparing you with them, your partner could be emotionally involved with them.

6. I'll be late today because,.......

The evenings you used to spend laughing away are now replaced with awkward dinners with you sitting across the table from each other. That's how it starts off. And eventually, your partner starts making excuses for why they will be late to come home.

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