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Married Man Shares 10 Secrets Of His Beautiful Marriege

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Marriage is becoming scarier by the day.

The stories we hear everyday are horrifying.

If you're like me who do not want trouble, you would probably just be thinking of making money and enjoying your best life on your own.

Nobody to please. Nobody to be offended with your actions or inactions.

But truth be told, many people are enjoying their marriages. May be such people should be coming out to give us wisdom that can help us make the right decisions before and during marriage.

This can definitely help us with a balanced view of the reality of making marriage work.

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Well, Dr Femi Olaleye is one man that is thanking his maker for his life partner.

He has taken to Twitter to share 10 eye-opening lessons that he believes we must learn to have to a fulfilling marriage.

Dr Femi Olaleye tweeted, 

"1. Love is a decision . Understanding this will make your marriage last long . You decide to live and keep loving even when you don’t feel like in that moment . If your love is based on emotions only you will live a miserable life .

2. Attraction is important. Marry who you are attracted to physically,emotionally and spiritually . For attraction to be wholesome it must be three-dimensional . When you marry for let’s say physical attraction and you ignore the other two ,soon you will be fed up .

3. Money is important in marriage . Settle this in your mind . Money makes marriages work better . I didn’t say wealth or riches . I said Money . A stable source of income is crucial to a healthy marriage . Don’t be deceived .

4. Sex is the engine oil of a good marriage . When there is no oil there will be friction . Discuss this with your intending partner before marriage but keep sex until marriage . Sex before marriage is a raging bull that cannot be controlled .

5. Go for romantic and functional . Ensure you are in love with a person who is functional and with whom you are stronger together . The truth is the difference between love and lust is purpose . Purpose is functional ! Lust is purposeless !

6. Marriage doesn’t change you but people change in marriage . Don’t marry anyone with the hope that they will change . Marry with the decision that you will love your spouse irrespective of the changes that show up in marriage .

7. Marriage is of the earth . The married can carry out spiritual activities but marriage is of this earth and doesn’t transcend here . So wait for the right person . Be patient . No need to rush . You have time !

8. Kids changes everything. Don’t rush to have them . Have them when you are ready . When they come ensure you have made plans for them . Know this , kids are a blessing but they are like rain . If you Pray for rain , get ready to deal with the mud .

9. In marriage , dating shouldn’t stop . You keep chasing each other . You keep wooing each other . Keep forgiving each other because in the end you truly really only have each other .

10. Marriage must not hinder your personal growth and development. It actually should enhance it . Don’t stand still because you are a wife or a husband . Two are better than one so travel faster!"

Over to you, what do you think about these lessons?

Is there any of them you think is not correct?

Or, do you think they're other points he did not add?

Drop you thoughts in the comment section, and share with your friends. Knowledge is power.

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