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Ladies, get ready to face these battles if your guy is handsome and successful

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Every stage in life comes with its challenges. Challenge as we know, is something that puts you to test. To go higher in life or move from point A to point B of life, you must be tested. Your attitude and performance determine how your next phase will be. 

Handsomeness comes with its own challenges. When success, wealth, is added to it, mehnn it is something else. Some guys who are self disciplined know well to handle this especially so as to ease the pressure on their spouse. Some others fail woefully at it. It then becomes a battle and a fight for the girlfriend or wife. Some girls have made a decision not to date or marry a handsome guy because they do not want to involve in any kind of battle just to keep a man. On the other hand, some die to have a handsome guy as a husband and friend and as such, are ready to engage in any kind of fight with any rival that would want to get near their man.

Some of these fights are:

1. Battle against envious admirers. There are ladies out there who are so envious of you because you are the chosen. You would have enemies amongst your female folks without knowing. Though some you may know but wouldn't know what is bringing about the enmity. So, get ready to fight this if your guy is handsome or you intend to have one.

2. Fight against the ladies chasing after the guy. The daring ladies go to any length to get these guys' attention. They draw attention to themselves and show their grievances by poking at the guy. They create and find avenues to meet with the guy till they succeed at what they want. So, wifey/girlfriend get ready for this battle.

3. Some of these handsome guys could be selfish. They already know they are good-looking. They become so conscious of themselves that they use it to intimidate their girlfriends. They know they are sought after and would make it a reference point whenever they quarrel with their babes. Babe, are you ready for this battle?

4. He is going to have a lot of attention and influence. People like to identify with them. Occasions demand their presence. He has no control of this because he is successful and handsome. You guys are not gonna feed on his handsomeness. You must take care of needs, so money is important. Be ready to accommodate all these and the different calibre of people he's going to be relating with.

If we value and respect each other in a relationship, certain things shouldn't be a fight. We should be able to place everyone in our life in his or her appropriate place for peace and harmony to reign. Let the energy for the fight for unnecessary things be channeled towards things that stand against your success as a couple. Be there for your partner and make her feel that it is only her you have. 

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