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BBNaija: Tacha revealed that those people who promised her millions after the show were scam

Zeddzul 06/25/2020

The BBNaija reunion is still on and much revelations are being divulged by Ex housemates about matters which affected them in the house and after the house. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Tacha on the last night episode of the Reunion show said " When I came out of the house, it was loads of promises. The only money that truly came in was from my fans".

She continued that many of the people who promised her millions of naira after the show were just jumping on her fame and never really helped. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

You will recall that after Tacha's disqualification, the owner of Jaruma Empire made a video promising Tacha a huge sum of 60 million naira. Psquare also made his pledge of 50 million naira and a Ghanaian promised to give her 20 million. Of course, countless numbers of celebrities came out to promise her heaven and hell but it was all for clout chasing.

Her fans immediately she was disqualified opened a GoFundMe account for her and a lot of monies was deposited in there for her. She acknowledged that it is only her fans contribution that truly came in. She added that some other celebrities and personalities also blessed her with huge amount of money but anonymously.

Below are some of the reactions of BBNaija fans on her latest revelation;

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It is fair to say that despite all that, Tacha has been performing fairly good enough in her business. Early this year, she launched her Titans Collections comprising of Hoodies, Calender's, Jersey and so on. Last month, she sold out about 500 pieces of her branded Power Bank.

Also, just last night, she announced a new fashion collection for ladies comprising of crop tops, trousers and bags. Her business sense is really top notch.

What do you think about Tacha's revelations about people jumping on her fame? Drop your comments below to heat your views.

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