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How much do you know about Leo Messi?. Try this A-Z quiz.

ClassicJohn 06/25/2020

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Leo Messi is regarded by many as the greatest footballer ever but how much do we really know about him. There are 26 alphabetically arranged questions about Leo Messi you can attempt to answer correctly. Attempt thses questions without scrolling down for the answers.

A. First team that Messi scored against

(a) Atlanta (b) Albacete (c) Athletic

B. The only team that Messi has scored five(5) goals against

(a) BorussiaDortmund (b) Bayern Munich (c) Bayern Leverkusen

C. The international team that Messi scored his first goal for Argentina against

(a) Crotia (b) Costa Rica (c) Cameroon

D. Goalkeeper most beaten by Messi

(a) Diego Lopez (b) Diego Alves (c) Dmitrovic

E. The first Argentine team that Messi scored against.

(a) Esgrima (b) Estudiantes (c) Espanyol

F. Barca player that haven't played with Messi

(a) Fernando Couto (b) Fati (c) Fontas

G. The only team that Messi has played against and haven't won

(a) Gramenet (b) Granada (c) Genk

H. Messi's first win in a World cup was against

(a) Hungary (b) Honduras (c) Holland

I. Messi's team-mate for a decade at Barca

(a) Iniesta (b) Ibrahimovic (c) Ilie

J. Against which international team did messi play his 100th match with Argentina

(a) Jordan (b) Japan (c) Jamaica

K. Goalkeeper that has conceded 9 against Messi

(a) Kameni (b) Keylor Navas (Kepa)

L. Goalkeeper beaten most by Messi in the Champions league

(a) Leno (b) Lehman (c) Lloris

M. The team that Messi scored his first brace against.

(a) Mallorca (b) Madrid (c) Milan

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N. Messi's team until he was 12years old

(a) Nacional (b) Numansia (c) Newell's

O. Which of these footballer was on the pitch the day Messi scored his first goal

(a) Oleguer (b) Onesimo (c) Overmas

P. Nickname by which Messi is known

(a) Pibe (b) Pulga (c) Perla

Q. Messi's seventh coach at Barca

(a) Quique Setien (b) Quique Flores (c) Quique Estebaranz

R. Barca player that wore the no 10 before Messi (a) Ronaldo (b) Ronaldinho (c) Rivaldo

S. International team against which Messi made his debut in a World cup

(a) Sweden (b) Serbia and Montenegro (c) Switzerland

T. How old is Messi

(a) Thirty two (b) Thirty three (c) Thirty one

U. Team against who Messi made his Champions league debut at Camp nou

(a) Udinese (b) Utrecht (c) Ucam Murcia

V. Goalkeeper who conceded Messi first goal

(a) Van Der Sa (b) Valbuena (c) Valdez

W. Goalkeeper who conceded one

of Messi’s first goals in the

Champions League

(a) Weidenfeller (b) Wiese (c) Westerveld

X. He gave Messi 31assists

(a) Xavi Hernandez (b) Xavi Torres (c) Xhaka

Y. Messi's team-mate for three(3) at Barca

(a) Yaya Sanogo (b) Yosi Benayoun (c) Yaya toure

Z. The Spanish footballer Messi overtook as La liga top scorer in history

(a) Zarra (b) Zuviria (c) Zabaleta.

If you were able to get the right answers to the questions without looking at the already provided one below, you are a genius. See answers below



B B A B B A C A.

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