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Rare military terms most people do not know

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During military testing and the burgeoning cold war, there was lots of fear around the exposure to nuclear elements.

The term “atomic vet” was applied to veterans who were returning from service after having been exposed to nuclear elements. This often happened during nuclear tests right in the US, seeing how soldiers did after that exposure. This one was from Nevada.

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They had the soldiers in trenches that were about 3 miles from ground zero. They would wait here, the bomb would go off, then they waited as the shock wave came roaring their way.

Of the 400,000 soldiers who were part of some form of these tests, most were okay but many did experience side effects, which the government would later compensate them for.

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Strack - Usually used as “looking strack” , for a soldier, looking really sharp- glass boots, starched/pressed clean uniform (with creases that will cut people), blocked hat, and no uniform gigs at all (though a blocked hat or using starch or synthetic wax, is often not reg). Also, it can be used to describe a soldier that knows his shit, and/or looks good doing so. It can also be used for the same thing to describe a vehicle, whole unit, their barracks, post, means basically the same as having everything squared away, polished/shining, clean, looking sharp, etc and/or the unit just looks very professional.

Beastmaster - The guy in your group that picks up the biggest/ugliest girl while ‘down-range, compared to the rest. We made a game of this, where “the beast master” won a case of beer, if it could be confirmed they actually went all the way with such chick

Downrange - off post bars. Hating life, Turret Overhang - being badly hung-over.

Fine adjustment wrench - 2lb ball-peen hammer. Precise adjustment wrench - 10 lb sledgehammer

Cross-tip screwdriver - No, you don’t dare call it a Phillips screw-driver.

Stealth Tank or other vehicle - The missing space in a perfect line of parked vehicles- usually in a shop somewhere. Vehicles like that can often be in “Stealth Mode” , for days, weeks, months. Very nice for a vehicle to be in “Stealth mode” as they always look good/squared away while parked in the line and you don’t have to move/clean/work on them. It is also very easy to sweep under/around them too.

“The man” - The one guy who looked best during a pre-guard duty inspection, and got the guard duty/day off(usually still on standby) . The are a lot of other uses for “the man”.

“Skying out” - usually means a soldier or a group of soldiers , who managed to avoid some bust-ass work or detail being done by everybody else, by means either fair or foul, and they either chill out in barracks or go off post. Shamming is similar, but that usually just means doing nothing, “skying out” is shamming with class and style and doing what you want to do, rather than just doing nothing/dodging work.

Being invisible - A vital soldier skill often utilized to sham or “sky -out”

Dying cock-roach position - Laying on the ground in your uniform on your back(similar to “tits-up” but with your feet and arms bent and pointing up and moving some. A position used during promotion ceremonies, right before a group of soldiers pour a 30 gallon trash can of “funky” water/garbage on the newly promoted soldier(s), like a “Gatorade shower”. A Variation of promotion showers some units do with newly promoted soldiers do standing up.

Miles - The army name for Laser tag equipment

Number 10 GI - Either a good soldier or a bad soldier, Over in Korea, Japan, etc, Number 10 means great, good, best,. In other geographic areas, Number 10 GI means the worst GI, and Number one is used to describe best, great in such areas

So and so unit at your base/post is “in the field” or “going to the field”- A “heads up warning”, usually yelled by some soldier who just found out it somehow, at their buddies - means there will be a lot of “strange” down range, so you and your buddies will soon be heading downrange to the bars to “check them out”. Such as “4/8 Infantry is going to the field for 30 days, tomorrow!!!!!””

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