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4 Things To Do To Render Armed Robbers Powerless To Snatch Your Car On The Road

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The rate of crime in Nigeria today is on the increase.Graduates are passed out quarterly in Nigeria but after their graduation they are not occupied with something productive. Some of them become robbers. Many are kidnappers while some are commiting cyber crimes and all other atrosities.It is cleared that only government cannot provide absolute security to its citizens and that is why experts in the field of technology came up with crime alert security device and other measures that can complement the government’s effort in the fight against crimes. In this article, there four of such.

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1.Crime alert device

As a car owner, you need to go ahead of armed robbers as it is now glaring that in Nigeria today nobody is save. You need to go extral miles to be partially save your life and your property. Do you know that you can save your car by Installing Crime Alert Device?All you need is your cellphone and not necessarily Android phone or iPhone.Your small phone is okay for this operation.This project engage the services of all security operatives (both government and local) within your vicinity.These people get to you in a very short time.Just a key tap on your phone is enough to alert security operatives closest to you.You don’t need to make a call.You can save your car, yourself and your neighbors from distress at any point in time.

2. Security wiring connection

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By security wiring connection, I mean a process whereby you meet with a reliable Technician after buying your car to do some security connections in your car to protect it from being stolen by robbers.Though, it may look unprofessional but we have seen so many cases where robbers snatched a vehicle and they were not able to drive it up to two miles before the car stopped working this was as a result of the connection ran by the owners' Technician to protect the car. Few hours after that car was snatched, the car owner informed the Police Officers and that car was discovered along the road. The only damaged they did to that car was shorting of tires and nothing else. With this realistic evidence, you too can meet your Technician to do this for you so that your car can be protected robbers.

3. Car tracking

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This is one the fastest way to get back your stolen car in short time after taking the necessary steps. To track your car, you just need to approach a reliable company that renders this service and give them necessary support by giving them relevant information about your snatched car and the next is to pick a package that fit your car. I assure you that your car will be well protected and saved. Few days ago, I heard of a company in this field rendering excellent service to a customer whose car was stolen.This is an evidence from a Branch Manager

"We got a call that a car was snatched by 10:00pm and we recovered it by 12:30am the next day.This is our committment to service and we delivered".

So what are you waiting for if you are a car owner? You can do this to protect your car.

4. Speed limits device

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This is another device approved by The Government of Nigeria inconjunction with Federal Road Safety Corps to reduce the rate of automobile accidents in the country.Do you know that speed limits device can also help to protecting your car since your car is going to be speeded at a regulatory stand.Take for example, anytime robbers steal a car definitely they will make sure they aren't being caught by engaging in high speed in order to outrun the security operatives which is not going to be allowed due to the installation of Speed Limit Device and as such, they will flee this stolen car because of the fear of being caught.

Furthermore, apart from buying this device from Federal Roads Safty Corps (FRSC) which is the most reliable source, you can also purchase speed limiting devices form online store with prices ranging from N25,000 to N35,000, but the sellers might not be

accredited vendors. Also, some accredited vendors have a fixed price of N35,000 as well.

In conclusion, readers should just pick one suitable position in rendering armed robbers powerless by protecting your car from being stolen.

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