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I Dumped my Girlfriend in Polytechnic Because She Can't Solve This Simple Mathematics Question

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I dumped my Polytechnic Girlfriend Because she can't Solve this Simple mathematics

As a graduate of Computer Engineer who knows what mathematics is all about, I wanted to know if what I did is Wrong or not, Although I did it when I was not matured enough to known what Relationship is all about.

When I got admission into a Polytechnic after I scored low mark in my first JAMB, I was admitted to study Mathematics and Statistics and I love it, but my intention was to study an engineering course, I had to do another JAMB to leave Polytechnic to Obafemi Awolowo University.

During our fresher's Registration in the Polytechnic, I met one beautiful girl, named Taiwo, she is twins, she was admitted to study business administration and her Kehinde was admitted into Same department. Two of them are beautiful, but I love Taiwo Because she has all front and back I want from average Nigerian girl.

I engaged her, and we became friends, she started coming to my hostel, but I have not toasted her, she has fell in love with me and I can see that in her reaction. We had never talked about academics, all we normally talked about are our social life and Religion.

One day, we decided to talked about our secondary school-days. She told me she was the best student in her secondary school, and she was the senior girl. I was like, “Engr. Las, you have seen your future wife”.

We started doing Competition, Mathematics, English and Biology are the subjects that joined commercial students and science students together in Secondary school.

I tested her in Biology and English, and she did Excellently. I was like “Engr. Las, you must take this girl home”.

I decided to give her simple mathematics question to test her knowledge of mathematics.

See the simple Mathematics question I gave Taiwo that she can't Solve.

If 3x=6x-15 then what is x + 8

Taiwo used more than 30 minutes to solve this question, and she didn't get the answer.

After she left my hotel, I started thinking, how can an Engineer like me marry a girl who can't solve simple mathematics. Can my children be able to solve simple mathematics if she gave birth for me?

All this question made me changed my attitude towards Taiwo, and I started ignoring her calls until I wrote my second JAMB and left Polytechnic.

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Top Comments
ARC_LEXXY · 07/1/2020
U don't Love her from d first place. Na by force to knw Maths????
DestinyAbah · 06/25/2020
which type of man is this one,u don't even know of she's ur helper
OdinakaDuru · 06/25/2020
X= 13 but you are still an idiot.
Iyiosas · 06/24/2020
u r a foolish man

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