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Signs she is dating you because of your money

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1. She keeps asking for it

We all have urgent situations from time to time. She may need some medicine or to pay her rent urgently, and you can help her, but does she ask all the time even when she knows you are broke? Any woman that doesn't help you out sometimes when you are broke and she is buoyant alittle does not love you rather she is always after more money for herself as giving you hers is even out of the bargain. Everything should come from you and you one and when you run low in cash her attitude changes from the good loving chick.

2. When she is the happiest

Watch for her reactions and emotions. Some men are not attentive enough. Is she happy, when you are around just talking to her? Or is she happy, when you take her shopping or to a restaurant? We know girl love good things to be done for them but if her only happy moments is when you are spending, then something is wrong. Be careful with this kind of women because the time you are wasting chasing a ghost would have been invested into a more meaningful relationship.

3. Tell her you are broke

It’s a risky test. Do it only if you really want to know the truth. After all, she never promised yet to be with you in good and bad times. If possible ask her for help if maybe you saw her with some money and she doesn't know and of she refuses to help you with the saying that she also is broke, then brother watch out for an untimely breakup when your normal payment or cash flow is delayed. The most important thing is that don't sacrifice to much for this kind of girls.

4. How she spends

Compare her income and yours with how much she spends. Does she have expensive outfits, makeup, and other things? If your girl friend want you to always go and borrow money to satisfy her money ego, then it's time.to rethink your stand in such relationship. Dump her before she dumps you.

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