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Congratulations to Regina Daniels as she put to bed

carrizoe 06/29/2020

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Wow, being called a mother is a wonderful thing especially when you don't do it out of wedlock. The story of how Actress Regina Daniels got into this stage is quite overwhelming. I must confess, she's lucky and opportuned to have experienced this. I'm really happy for her. It's just like as if, I'm related to her. I'm so happy.

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Star actress Regina Daniels put to bed today. A bouncing baby boy that's so cute and lovely. Just few backs, we already saw her baby shower photos and it was really lovely. I stand to say that I'm one of her top fan. Regina is now a certified mum. Congrats to you Regina Daniels on your safe delivery and thanks be to God for His mercies on your life. More blessings awaits you. Her child is so cute and it's a boy. What do you have to say to her?

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