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"This Head Can Break Coconut" - Laugh Away Your Sorrows With These Funny Jokes.

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This head of heads 🤣🤣. It can break Coconut. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 

If You Don't laugh At This Jokes.You are very Brilliant.

1. I mistakenly sent my nude pictures to my school principal , and he threatened to use the picture as the new school sign board

2. I bought Mat-Ice bread for the first time, and my foolish girlfriend ate it. , well thank God she hasn't been able to shit it out. Because I will personally make sure that bread gets stocked in her yansh.🤣🤣

3. Mr Best friend decided to try a new sex style. By jumping from the top of the bed into his girlfriend ass . But low and behold, his ceiling fan mistakenly cut off his head .

4. My grandma accidentally use weed leaf to cook beans . And you would not believe that she has been dancing one corner for the past 3hrs.

5. It's only in Nigeria movies that you will see an actor making a phone call with his phone turned upside down .🙆🙆

6. In the land of foolishness, and in the time of corruption, the destiny of a great nation lies in the shoulders of an old man.His name: Buh. Complete o🏃🏃🏃🏃

7. Anytime I need money from my grandma, I will reduce the brightness of her phone and tell her that the brightness have finished, and it cost to 3k to refil .

8. My girlfriend broke up with me because mistakenly mess in public. I don't understand how I will be able to hold mess for 3hrs o🤣🤣

9. My roommate was paid 500k to lie to the public that he has Coronavirus . Now oga Corona has finally catch him🤣

10. I mistakenly sent a porn video to my dad

And to my greatest surprise, he ask me to send him another one .🙆🙆

11. Bill gates left school and he became a billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg left school and he became a billionaire.

Steve Jobs left school and he became a billionaire.

Now my brother left school and ended up as a conductor.🤣🤣

12. Nobody is smarter than a guy who saw his two girlfriends in one restaurant.🤣🤣

13. Now repeat after me. As I have read and enjoyed these jokes, I humble swear to like and follow.🤣🤣

I tried abi?

Which one give you joy pass. Comment below make I know.

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Top Comments
+234-80xxxxxx67 · 06/27/2020
Even though the Horrifyingly Badly Shaped Head Looks Photoshopped, but I think it will not be out of place to refer to it as HAMMER HEAD OF HORROR.
Ekemsihub · 06/24/2020
yes oo

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