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5 things women ignore that make a man more attracted to them

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1. They Don’t Purposely Hurt Other People

Women have always been good at saying or doing the exact right thing to make someone else feel unworthy or bad. When ever they hurt you it's never intentional and they will apologize once they know they made a mistake unlike immature women who purposely make others feel bad and unworthy and them seem happy about it. Guys tend to love women who don't even take anything seriously, they just action with freeness and flow with the rhythm.

2. They Don’t Put Up With Drama

Drama is simply a conflict that doesn’t need to be there, and mature women have discovered that fact as they have dealt with the pain, frustration, and annoyance of drama in their relationships as they’ve matured.

Matured women don't need to put up a drama just to prove a point or win an argument. They know their losses and know when they are winning and accepts them with fate and trying proof an inlegitimate point.

3. They Don’t Put Up With Being Used

Immature women will put up with all sorts of people who use them for their time, money, energy, car, looks, or other things. Natured women will never sell their pride or trust because of cheap commodities, rather they stand by the real sense of reasoning. Men fall easily for this kind of women as they are not perceived to be fake.

4. They Don’t Pretend To Be Right All The Time

One of the best things about being a relationship with a mature woman is that she knows that she’s not always right. She admits her wrong doings and apologizes if need be and never try to put on an act to change the outcome of any situation with her man. She has a lot of pride when it comes to standing by the truth.

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