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How I Was Dumped By My Boyfriend of 9 Years, Says I'm Local, Uneducated. - Harlley [Real Life Story]

Harlley 06/25/2020

This is not a news but a true life experience.

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My name is Celine, I met Jude, my boyfriend in our village when I finished my secondary school, he also just completed his high school then. We fell in love and started dating, we wrote exams to enter higher institution, he passed but I failed. I didn't tell my parents that I failed the exam because they were not literate. My boyfriend didn't have the money to further his education, he told me he only did the exam just for the fun of it, that he knew he was not going to further.

I told him I could help him with his education, but I was afraid he might later lose interest in me, he told me he will never do that to me because he loved me and he has already promised himself that he will do everything humanly possible to make our relationship lead to marriage, that if only I'm the one that decides to leave him. I was rest assured by his promise, so I told him my parents didn't know I fail the exams, that I can give him the money meant for my studies to him so that he can go to school and I'll rewrite the exams the following year. He was so happy and appreciated me.

He enrolled in school, and I collected money from my parents that I was going to live off campus, so I rented an apartment for both of us to stay in because to my parents I was now an undergraduate. Though my parents were not literate but they were rich, I had access to enough money, they gave me whatever I wanted. We lived together for the whole one year and I enrolled in a hairstyling salon while he was going to school.

The following year I put in for another examination but I still failed, I was not happy because I wanted to further my studies. But I couldn't without passing that exam, so I continued my training as a hair stylist. I tried the third time, I failed again, that made me tired and decided to settle for the skills I was learning that maybe I was not meant to be a university graduate. I used the money meant for my education to sponsor my boyfriend to school. My parents didn't know I wasn't in school, they expected me to graduate after four years.

Four years after, I was already very good at the skills I learned, I told my parents that I combined the skill acquisition with my studies, that they don't have to worry, that I will like to set up a business with that skill. My parents agreed with me and gave me all the capital I needed to setup a very big salon in our village. My boyfriend finished from the university and went for Youth Service, we were still together and I introduced him to my parents as my boyfriend. My parents accepted him and took him like their own.

One year later after he finished his Youth Service, I was already doing very well with my business, he said he doesn't want to go through the stress of looking for Job that he wanted to travel abroad and hustle so that he can make it big and come back to marry me, as a supportive girlfriend, I helped me with the financial aspect of his traveling document acquisition. He traveled 3 months after his service. We were always getting in touch, after 2 years, he came on visit to the country, he said he couldn't spend more than 2 weeks as he only came for holiday and due to his work schedule, he had to go back to resume work. By that time my business had really expanded and I was doing well. He did normally send money to add to my business and I was rest assured that the next time he came home, we were going to get married.

He finally came home after four years of staying abroad, he had really made it big, I was so excited that finally after 9 years of relationship, we were getting married. But he gave me the shock of my life, when he told me he met someone else who has masters in petroleum engineering and who is very brilliant and he loves her so much. He said the lady in question is from a sophisticated background and not from a village like me. He said he wants to marry her so that their children will inherit her brilliance, that I was not brilliant enough that was why I couldn't even go to the university. He said I was too local and he prefers someone with the modern lifestyle. Hearing all that, I was dumbfounded and couldn't believe my ears, I thought he was only playing pranks on me, that he was about to propose, immediately I asked him to stop all the drama and bring out the ring, but to my surprise, he picked his ringing phone to tell another woman that he was already ending his relationship with me that she should not worry. He hung up the call and told me he was going back with the woman after their traditional wedding the following month.

I was highly devastated and didn't know how to break the news to my parents, I remembered all the sacrifices I made for him and how I was patiently waiting for him, not that I didn't see other suitors better than him who were ready to get married to me while he was away, but I waited for him. Now I don't know where to start from. I am young and wealthy, I thought I already have a perfect future with my first love. I am deeply heartbroken, but I leave him to God. I believe my own man who will not leave me will come. But it has not been easy because I gave him my all.

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Top Comments
GUEST_xxPQ8Ylql · 06/27/2020
is very painful men are very wicked, if it is me eeh I will curse him and it will follow him for ever after wasting ur time and money for 9 years, my own heart break didn't reach urs but my curse followed him.
+234-0802891**** · 06/25/2020
leave him to God and move on with your life.God will wipe away your tears,time will tell .
AdesewaIfarajimi · 07/1/2020
men are heartless,God purnish men.
+234-0708263**** · 07/1/2020
As far as there's rain and sunshine he will never rise above you leave it for God

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