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6 Simple Ways to Find Balance and Get Your Life Back

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(1) Pay Attention to Your Health.

Our health really does affect the quality of our life and our work. We are far more productive and happier when we get enough sleep, eat a little healthier and fit in some types of activity.

(2) Expand Your Awareness.

Take class, learn to paint or try something new that you've always wanted to learn. Read a book that sparks your interest or try listening to uplifting music. Find what interest in you.

(3) Treat Yourself.

Get a pedicure or facial. Better yet, schedule a message. It doesn't need to be costly; a glass of wine, your favorite coffee or tea, a delightful scented candle or beautiful flowers will make a huge impact.

(4) Turn it Off.

Disconnect on the weekend. I hear the excuses already, but try it, at least for one day or even a few hours each night. Put the phone down and turn off the computer. Give your brain a rest.

(5) Trim Trim Trim.

It's a given that if your life is overflowing you will never be able to achieve balance and manage it all. Say no to everything that is either not essential or doesn't add valuable to your life. Be Ruthless.

(6) Remember Fun.

Laugh, jokes, play, find your sense humor, subscribe to a daily jokes or get a tear off calendar. Nothing makes the feel better as fast as a good old fashioned belly laugh.

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