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Ginger me was arranged, says a twitter user, see why

Gabiidoskii 06/25/2020

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A twitter user by the name "Isenuife The first" on Twitter made a tweet concerning the lady Rema picked to hang out with today, saying that the whole thing was scripted.

This happened shortly after REMA announced "nimiie_" as the winner of the "Ginger me" contest. It's of no doubt that this lady is beautiful.

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This Twitter user said he thinks the whole "Rema wanting to hangout with a female fan" was scripted/arranged, he went further to say this same girl called "nimiie_" on Twitter who was chosen by Rema to hangout with, won the beamer contest in February, and now she has been selected as the winner of the "Ginger me" contest now in June.

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He also said it seems Rema likes this lady and wants to use this contest to hookup.

But over at Rema's side, Rema Uploaded screenshots saying "for those of you doubting Nimie's authenticity, she won via Instagram".

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Drop a like if this was informative and also what do you think about this was it actually a strategy to get the girl cuz he likes her drop your comments.

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