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All Igbos Need to Abandon the Biafra Struggle [OPINION]

UpdateArena 06/24/2020

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Biafra is a secessionist movement that was initially led by Late Ojukwu. But after his struggle quenched following the defeat during the Nigerian Civil war.

It appears that a new leader of the movement has emerged in the person of Nnamdi Kanu that otherwise calls himself Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. But in this article I am going to pass an enlightening opinion as to why the Igbo peoples of Nigeria need to Abandon the Biafra Struggle.

Below are the Reasons Why All Igbos Need to Abandon the Biafra Struggle;

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1. Bitter History: before you as an Igbo person jump to embrace the idea that biafra need to gain it's independence it's important that you read history. The bitter History surrounding the Nigerian Civil war, the number of lives(mainly Igbo people) that were lost due to the blockade placed by the Federal government. The number of Igbo soldiers that were massacred during the war.

It is highly important that you read the history of the Nigerian Civil war as that alone will give you an insight to what this little biafran agitation can lead to and also the need to Abandon the movement and struggle.

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2. All Ethnic Groups In Nigeria Play An Important Role to our comfort; considering the setting of Nigeria, all Ethnic Groups especially the major ones(Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo) play a huge contributory role to our happiness. This is because, there are some occupations that only the Hausa peoples of Nigeria can do well more than others and there are some that Yoruba people can do better than any other tribe likewise Igbo.

These occupations and the result of these crafts also affect us in one way or the other therefore making the unity of Nigeria very enjoyable. Let's take Hausa people for example, they specialize in preparing what we all know as Suya or roasted meat and this also serves the Igbo people. So, I think a normal Igbo person should reconsider agitating for the biafran struggle.

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3. Size: Biafra as a country would really be a small country. This is because the states currently in Nigeria that believes in the biafran struggle are the South eastern states. Most south south states such as Akwa Ibom, River State etc. Don't really believe or care about the movement.

This is another thing all Igbos should be wary of when agitating and struggling for the biafran independence. A small struggling state can really be a thorn in the flesh and Biafra won't be as Rosy as many of you think.


Now this article is just my opinion and message to all Igbo people thinking of joining the biafran struggle and also for those that are already in the struggle. Nigeria is better off as Nigeria and there is no way we are going to get anything better.

I believe and stand with on Nigeria. If you enjoyed this article, kindly follow the handle and also share this article to your friends. Thanks.

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+234-803812**** · 06/24/2020
May your mercy for Igbos never kill you. Be informed God is a God of Justice. He never count numbers to achieve greatness. Do yourself a favor by keeping your opinion to yourself
BallatHughes · 06/26/2020
ObianujuVivianOnoh · 06/26/2020
+234-703958**** · 06/25/2020
is not so Biafra most come through

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