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Tips he is definitely in love with you

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  1. He values your opinion – he may not like it or even agree with it, but he will still value your opinion when he’s in love with you. Love becomes unconditional when your man agrees with you even if the decision is not his. This means he values you decision or advices in his life.
  2. He gives you strong eye contact – love is all in the eyes as they say. Someone who loves you wouldn't stop starring at you with any opportunities they are given.
  3. He can’t stay mad – Even if you’re completely in the wrong. He will have his time to be angry and then come straight back to you. You’re irresistible when a guy loves you. This is a definite tip he can't live without you because even when he is angry you are his go to girl.
  4. He holds your hand – this is a pretty open way of showing affection and after they do this, his secret love for you may not have to be a secret after all. A guy may be scared of having any physical contact with you, but when he is able to bit that tranche mark then he definitely is on love with you.
Source: opera.com
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