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What to do about large pores

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. WHAT TO DO ABOUT LARGE PORES - #Pores - Pores are those tiny dots on our skin through which the skin detoxify and releases waste like sweat and oil. 

Unfortunately for some people especially those with oily skin, they tend to have larger pores than people with say, normal skin and it can be frustrating to look at. 

The thing is, they only look huge to us looking at ourselves in a mirror but for people staring at us, it is not so huge or obvious except you really don't have a skincare regimen tailored to taking care of it.

 Why do oily skin types tend to have larger pores? 

They do because unlike sweat, oils have a larger molecule than water, they don't pour easily like water and they spread, they solidify, they trap things like dirt, so when this happens, it the slackens the pores and make them appear larger .

 What can be done about it?

 You can't totally clear large pores, you have to manage and make it look less obvious.

 The potent products to make large pores appear less obvious is retinol. 

What retinol does is super exfoliate the skin to help sweep out backlog of dead skin cells and excess oil thus making your pores look tinier and less obvious.

 For home remedies, they will only give temporary relief like charcoal face masks which will help absorb excess oil, you can also have the egg white tissue mask where you dip tissue in egg whites, place on your face and allow to dry then peel off gently. 

Turmeric masks too helps and most importantly, the home remedy that helps to really tame oiliness and large pores is steaming the MBMB way.

 (MBMB is my skincare brand called Made By Maj Beauty group), to steam this way, you rinse your face with cool water, apply Shea butter or any thick moisturizer over damp skin, steam your face over a bucket of hot water till it drips sweat then wash off with soap and water and apply serum over your damp skin.

 Also moisturizing based on season, especially this rainy season, you should apply water based moisturizers like aloe gel or our famed skin plumping serum that has ingredients like niacinamide to help tame oil and make your pores tinier plus snail serum to plump and repair skin or creams that contain niacinamide. 

Applying creams on your face can make you more oilier and make your face so shiny and your pores so huge, they look like craters. 

So these are helpful tips that needs to be done consistently to help manage the outlook of your pores and make them appear less obvious.

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